About Us


We are Julie Michelle Cakes!

Julie and Jaime are the sole owner, employee duo that take over the world one cake, and laugh at a time. We document our days on Instagram stories. 

We really enjoy traveling, adventure and eating great food. We have two dogs, Wrinkles and Bentley.  

We met cooking as line cooks side by side at Carnivale in Chicago. Julie was attending the Illinois Institute of Art in the culinary program  but her childhood love of pastries led her to return to school. Julie received the L’art du Gâteux certificate from The French Pastry School in Chicago, where she learned to master the techniques needed to portray her inspirations from en vogue fashion and opulent architecture on her cake creations. Julie worked with top bakeries and cake design studios in the city before deciding she wanted the creative freedom to express her designer vision, to execute her level of perfection, and to deliver the glamour of Julie Michelle Cakes.

 Julie Michelle Cakes was born in 2013 on a prayer and a single dollar. Julie began printing business cards, and dreamed about the day she would have clients to create wedding cakes for. Julie and Jaime worked tirelessly to grow their baby business by selling one single cake at a time.  The first years were full of extreme hardship, blood, sweat and tears.  It was through drive, passion and perseverance that Julie Michelle Cakes began to greatly succeed.